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It is exceptional: the fabric is fixed by two magnets which are connected with a stainless steel rope or a leather rope (the client can choose from a number of colours). The rope loop works like a curtain ring that glides smoothly on the curtain rod.

As the magnetic plates can fix the fabric at any spot, the costly customizing of the curtain tape is not needed. The edge of the curtain only needs to be hemmed.

This means for the window decoration, that you have a huge number of variations and possibilities.

By using the flat pleat the curtain fabric will be put around flatly in equal distances and (without sewing or tacking) fixed with the two magnetic plates at the crease. If you choose the pencil pleats the fabric is simply gathered freely between the fixing plates facing the room.

Other decorations are bag pleats or ornamental pleat as well as arrangements with accessories.

Accessories such as tapes, cords or scarves only have to be placed between the curtain fabric and the magnetic fixing system.

The products of NK Ringe© are patented – nationally and internationally.

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